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We find the perfect car accident  lawyer for you based on your needs. We know you search for a car accident lawyer only when there’s an emergency and we make sure to help you find the perfect lawyer who have had experience of dealing with similar issues. 

Our lawyers are experts in different aspects of Los Angeles car accident. Whether you need work permit, eu treaty rights, Irish citizenship or if you have an unique issue that is only applicable for you, we can help you out! 

1. Highly Experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer ready to take your case.

2. Defining Success Most lawyers will make sure that your issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Time is important when you are dealing with an car accident  issue and we are acutely aware of this.

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We’re proud to say that our car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, are recognized as leaders in the state of California. Our firm has won millions, in compensation for our clients.


At Farar & Lewis LLP, we pride ourselves on our ability to be there for our clients, 24/7 when tragedy or questions arise. Every single one of our clients has access to their assigned lawyer.


Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers are on your team. That means we’re with you 100% of the way. We prove this, by never charging any upfront fees.

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It’s simple. There’s NO upfront fee for our services. We offer a risk free consultation.


01.None ending support

Car accident lawyer Los Angeles firm boasts of being among the best all ways on providers of legal services. Car accident lawyer Los Angeles systems are usually accessible on a real time basis 24/7.  Car accident lawyer Los Angeles databases are also logically and physically modeled to service you data requests without fail. Clients can reach us through our social media handles as well as website for more enquiries. This ensures maximum service to car accident lawyer Los Angeles clients and satisfaction which is pack and parcel for any judicial process.

02.Profound profile

Car accident lawyer Los Angeles personal profile is also profound and clean when it comes to legal matters. We only connect our clients to competent car accident lawyers who have made a name in the entire Los Angeles. Our lawyers are also much humane enough as they are social and always concerned with any issues that might be affecting clients.

03.No upfront fees

If you are afraid of paying many dollars to get car accident lawyer Los Angeles services, then that should not be a worry anymore. Car accident lawyer Los Angeles consultations are absolutely free for clients who express interests in our services.  No much payment involved, asmany would expect, for most of the activities carried out, and this makes car accident lawyer Los Angeleslegal processes risk free.Clients should thus also not be discouraged to talk to us during times of financial crises.


Transparency in our transactions is also a key aspect of the firm that is not unleashed by any other company that has its work based in Los Angeles. Few firms today exhibit the kind of simplicity found in our ways of delivering services. We are thus committed to work very closely with our clients from the time they consult us to the moment their problems are solved. This ensures that no client is left in the dark.

05.Expeditious service delivery.

Anyone who wishes to get fast service delivery from car accident lawyer Los Angeles firm is at home since the firm performs its activities in an expeditious way. Car accident lawyer Los Angelesservices to clients are therefore quick, swift and timely with least or no delays. This is achieved because our lawyers know the importance of time when it comes to matters involving car accidents and it ensures that any disturbing matter is resolved quickly.

06.Pay when we win

 Another added advantage is that we sincerely stand with our clients in full as they only pay when“we” win.Upfront fees which are a common bother to clients seeking justice in many other legal firms are actually eliminated for car accident lawyer Los Angeles clients. We thus cherish to see that all verdicts involving our clients are successful and in their favor by offering a risk free legal platform.


Drivers who are always on the move know how painful it is to be an accident victim. Accidents happen unexpectedly on the highways and can occur to anyone. If you experience an accident it is always advisable to seek legal services. The greatest tragedy that can happen to an accident victim is failure to consult an accident lawyer. Accident Lawyers are usually professionals in law that are well skilled in matters do with car accidents. They are usually well adapted and accustomed to cases involving accidents and are thus the best to consider as source of legal support. When choosing the kind of legal firm, you should consider some factors like: upfront fees, interaction with clients, speed of resolving issues, transparency and credibility as well as the level of competence.Farar & Lewis LLP are some of the most suited legal teams in Los Angeles that pride to own all the best characteristics from the factors listed above.

Car accident lawyer Los Angeles operations

As we all know accidents are unavoidable.  Most of the times, accident victims find themselves unaware of what action to take next after an accident. Therefore, In case of any accident legal action is usually a must and especially in cases when youare on the right arm of the law. Justice must thus be sought the help of a qualified attorney.  Our firm offers a clear and credible linking to some of the best lawyers to represent clients who have been involved in accidents. The attorney or lawyer gives legal advice on the way foreword so that damages that may be imposed on you are compensated in a just way. The lawyers that we match for our clients are usuallyextremely qualified to deal with such verdicts as well as negotiate with insurance companies to see that the client has been supported either medically or financially by the insurance.

Our car accident legal teams are usually fit in terms of legal matters involving car accidents and will fight your battles without any fear or failure to ensure you win your cases. So rest all your fears on car accident lawyer Los Angeles side. They also offer a social interaction with clients to ensure that no one is left with question marks or missing information about legal processes.  The teams offer risk free services with no upfront fees to be encountered. As earlier said, car accident lawyer Los Angeles legal teams do not alsocharge any costs unless our client wins the verdict in court. Many of car accident lawyer Los Angeles clients have received our immeasurable help in the recent past, so grab the opportunity too as we will be there to help you in car accident cases. They are also fast and efficient to take on a positive progress of your case.

Car accident lawyer Los Angeles lawyers also offer other added services in various sectors like: EU treaty rights, Irish citizenship, work permits or any other issue involving law. This makes car accident lawyer Los Angeles firm even much more robust in offering legal services and advisories. As we succeed we thus also love to see you prosper.

What to do after an accident?

We all know how some insurance companies usually try to run away from compensations for their clients. If you are a client and you face possible damages during an accident, the insurance should take its role in financing your needs and servicing your costs. Failure to have an competent lawyer who is skilled in matters concerning car accidents can make the process a total failure or one which is extremely time consuming. It`s also worth noting that even small accidents with least dames may require involvement of legal technicalities.

Therefore, In case of an accident, a car accident lawyer should be called upon immediately for advisory. The client should thus not delay in seeking legal support as this could limit justice.  The lawyer shall also have the mandate of settling out any disputes with the insurance company of the accident victim. If successful, such settlements are crucial as they ensure that the client receives financial support or even free medical care from the insurance as compensation for any damages that might have been caused. Our legal team is well capable of dealing with all kinds of accidents that may take place involving different vehicles and individuals. Pedestrians and cyclists who might also get involved in car accidents are never left behind from car accident lawyer Los Angeles legal services. Our lawyers are thus some of the most dependable professionals you can count on as they have won most settlements and cases for clients over the past few years. Many clients have realized car accident lawyer Los Angeles potential and this has seen many other come for our help. We have on our side acted immediately to constantly provide unfailing legal support for our clients and this is a good reason for anyone who needs help to feel free to consult us.

Details you should gather after an accident?

When an accident occurs certain details might be mandatory so that judicial processes can be accomplished smoothly. Some of the information and requirements includes; Personal details of the other driver for example: name,contact and license information, the other cars license plate, a witness and any other information that might be of help in your favor. Photographs are also an important source of information that might save you from searching too far for credible evidence.You should also not leave the accident scene without the police arriving for their information gathering process; unless if seriously injured and medical checkup is very urgent.

Last but not least, we can thus see how Los Angeles accident lawyers can be of help to clients. These lawyers promote quick delivery of justice for accident victims who might be wronged by others on the road.  Consulting car accident lawyer Los Angeles legal team ensures that damages incurred during the accident are thus well settled with insurance companies; a headache that is experienced by many car accident victims. If you have any issue concerning car accidents feel free to rest your burdens on us. We as “Farar & Lewis LLP” shall do all that is required so that you as car accident lawyer Los Angeles esteemed client can get the actual legalservices that you deserve.


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